Sheffield's Relish Media appointed by

On the back of's phenomenal growth in 2020 which has continued in 2021, the significant investment of over half a million pounds in their infrastructure, going from 10 employees to over 100 with ever growing customer base, Poundtoy have appointed Relish Media to launch their 2021 TV campaign

"I connected immediately with Mel and Lisa from Relish the first time we met as they are both straight talking Yorkshire women with a wealth of knowledge, experience and connections in the TV world which is an area I have no expertise” said Elliot Lumb - Founder/Owner

‘Our paths are very similar in that they knew they could go it alone and they had the minerals to do it rather than just talk about it like most people do and also it feels more of a natural extension of our marketing team rather than the sinking feeling many businesses feel when suggesting working with 'an agency'

"I spend a lot of time nowadays in my position as Owner / MD listening to all the chancers out there on every platform that promise me they can do this, can do that, change the game for me etc etc. My first question is always, If you're that good why are you working for somebody else?..." Thats why when I met these ladies, I knew instantly they were the individuals and the company I wanted to work with on our journey to become the UK's and ultimately the world's best discount toy retailer.

"I briefly stuck my toe in the water in TV last year with Relish Media as budgets didn't allow too much deviation from the original forecast plan but after they proved what they could do with a very small budget (they absolutely smashed it!). It was an absolute no brainer to let them show me what they can really do with a proper budget and from what I have seen so far in the creatives they are going to blow me away"

"All that is left to say is I'm coming after you, The Entertainer, Smiths and the Works to name a few - Catch me if you can. We've broke the market in the UK and I wont stop until these companies with over inflated prices of toys eventually realise that we are going nowhere"